Solace Desktop HD

Solace Desktop

Quickly and economically converts an existing desk to a smooth and effortless sit-stand workstation. The Workrite® Solace Desktop ships fully assembled; no tools are required making this an ideal retrofit candidate. The compact footprint of the Solace Desktop easily fits onto a 24" deep desk with room for personal equipment. The large primary worksurface includes a grommet for cable management and is expansive enough to accommodate an added Workrite Monitor Arm or two 24" monitors. Solace Desktop is smooth and quiet with gas assisted height adjustment to provide a wide 13.8" lifting range. The independent keyboard surface ensures users can easily set Solace Desktop to their ideal ergonomic position. Solace Desktop is strong enough to support most technology requirements, yet light enough for simple installation and moving from desk-to-desk.


  • Dual worksurface includes independent keyboard surface
  • 35 lb lifting capacity
  • 13.8" lifting range, 20" above desktop
  • Primary Worksurface:

    ◆ 35.4"w × 15.7"d ◆ Includes grommet for cable management

  • Keyboard surface:
    ◆ 26.4"w × 13"d ◆ Independent surface with 20° (+10/-10) of tilt

Note: Delivery in 2-4 weeks


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